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Biophonic Garden (2014)

Art Installation

Biophonic Garden uses an experimental laboratory setup to display the possibility of making a dialogue between young corn plants perceivable for human ears. Sprouted corn seeds are arranged on a grid which is situated in a container filled with water. The acoustic environment beneath the seeds is picked up by underwater microphones, which allows visitors to listen to the dialogue between the young corn plants. While the roots of the plants are submerged in the water, a constant sine tone of 220 hertz is played into the water which has an influence on the growing process of the roots, they bend towards the sound source. The phenomena of plants reacting to acoustic stimuli originated from scientific research into plant bioacoustics and is used in the work to raise questions about the communication of plants and the acoustic environment we humans live in.

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Whisper down the lane (2012)

Documentary Movie

In a village in Kenya, four women talk about their life. Not all of them are infected, but they all made life changing experiences concerning HIV/Aids. Apprehensible HIV does not only emerge as a virus but as fear inside people too. In the area rumors go round and a lot of people believe them. Legends and myths, half-truths and prejudices have negative effects on society. Tabooing, stigmatization and violence are the consequences the women were confronted with. Employees in social organizations on site are talking about the experiences they made during their work. There is positive progression, but people's fear is a mighty opponent in the fight against HIV and Aids. The goal is to raise worldwide awareness about the existing misconceptions around HIV/Aids by amplifying unheard voices. We as a team are convinced that only society itself can make a difference in a ruling taboo.

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Parallelexistenz (2012)

Interactive Installation

Visualization on the loss of individuality by manipulative digital media.

Plastique (2011)

Interactive Room

1000 Baloons are assembled to a Room
It glows from the inside and looks nice and pretty...
...like plastic does mostly.

An aesthetically pleasing and colorful glowing cave of baloons makes you forget about its doubtful material and the consequeces of our daily plastic usage.
If viewers enter the sculture, the screens switch from bright colors, to videos of dumping places. Speaker cones, attached to the structure, shake the room and gives a unnatural bizarre feeling.

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Hitchhike the wind (2010)

Documentary Movie

When five young people make their way to one of the greatest ecological disasters of the present, to find freedom and love of life, the question is morally acceptable for a zest for life, in a decaying world.
A provocative invitation to the homogeneous mass of a passive audience to a joint adventure in your mind - but as a group of individual personalities.

Inna'wave (2010)

Performative Instrument

Inna'wave is a performative Instrument, which gives its player the (im)possibility of composing music with the power of the player's feelings. With the help of a Brain-Interface, the system can 'read-out' five different states of feelings of the users head - Boredom,Meditation,Frustration,Excitement short,Excitement long -. These data is used to control the inna'wave system, which generates the composition and the sounds in real-time. It was interesting for me to find the relation of the heard music and the 'actions' of the player - To let the system become a playable instrument, rather then a 'tech-demo' or fancy sound-making-gadged.

Sebastian Frisch researches and creates works as an artist, musician, developer and sound-designer. He makes use of a diverse set of media technologies to create immersive experiences and discover possible connections between the digital and the palpable. His main interest belong to the fields of sound, space and interactive art. Sebastian studied Sound Art and Computer Science at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and is undergoing the ArtScience Master’s program at the Royal Conservatory and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

Feel free to contact him by email.

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Mail: hello@freshmania.de
Web: www.freshmania.de
Skype: subbasstian
Tel.: +31 647 1000 98

Sebastian Frisch BSc BA
Heindijk 22
3079 PM Rotterdam
The Netherlands